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TH Port-a John is widely respected among industry operators and residential customer for providing safe and environmentally friendly solutions across a broad range of services. Call us today to find out what TH Port-a John can do for you!


Quality Service, Quality Care

Portable Toilet Services

T.H. Port-A-John, LLC is the areas leading rental service of portable toilet rentals and porta potty rentals of all types, from a basic porta potty or portable toilet to a luxury mobile restroom trailer, our Portable Toilets are suitable for all events. In addition to offering clean and affordable portable restrooms for virtually any occasions, we pride ourselves on providing the most professional service in the business.

Our staff would love to assist you with planing restroom capabilities for your events and construction projects. We also strive to reach the highest level of service and safety. We ensure quality and safety in every service.

T.H. Port-a-John, LLC rents portable toilets for both personal and commercial use and can accommodate both short and long term rentals. We also offer:

  • Units With Hand Sanitizers
  • Handicap Accessible Units
  • Luxury Mobile Restroom Trailer

Why Choose Us?

  • Clean, Quality Rentals
  • Detailed Focus On Your Safety
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Friendly and Knowledgable Staff
  • Quality Servicing and Maintenance

Septic Services

Regular pumping of a septic tank is essential to ensure that a well-functioning system remains at its fullest operating potential. As a septic system is used, solids accumulate in the treatment tank while water passes through to the leach field. As sludge and scum layers accumulate in the tank over time, the solids have less settling capacity and breach the water portion of the tank. As a result, solids will begin escaping directly into the absorption field. This inevitable process may likely clog the distribution lines to the absorption area, thus creating serious, expensive, and often irreversible problems.

To prevent this from occurring, the Pennsylvania Septic Management Association (PSMA) recommends that tanks be serviced approximately every 2-3 years depending on a number of factors including tank size and the number of occupants in a home. See PSMA’s  Estimated Septic Tank Pumping Frequency Table(Table 2) based on tank size and home occupancy to determine when your septic tank is due for its next pumping. There is only one correct way to safeguard against these problems and remove solids from a tank: periodic, professional pumping of the solids through the main access port of the tank.

Call on our highly trained experts to handle your septic pumping needs and get rid of your waste and worries— contact us today!

Why Choose Us?

  • Clean, Quality Rentals
  • Detailed Focus On Your Safety
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Friendly and Knowledgable Staff
  • Quality Servicing and Maintenance


Why our clients love to work with us.

Who Are We?

T.H. Port-a-John’s opened for business in 2008 under the management of Tony Hugill. He started solely on portable toilets and pumping septic tanks. Over the next couple of years from starting with only a few portable toilets he now has over two hundred. Tony now has a fleet of over 15 trucks and is continuing to grow.

T.H. Port-a-John, LLC is proud to operate all business with honesty and integrity. Our customers are our first priority and we strive to always put their needs first. We incorporate safety into all of our operations and we are always looking for new innovative ways to set our company a part.

T.H. Port-a-John, LLC is a strong believer in giving back to the community and helping others. Tony Hugill operates a small business with a big heart.

Safety Commitment:

Safety is our top-most priority. We want to keep both you, and ourselves safe on the job. TH Port-A-John has made it a responsibility to learn the latest safety techniques, procedures, and policies. We never want to see anyone injured, so we take the safety of you and our employees very seriously. We are committed to protecting the health and safety of all individuals affected by our activities including our employees and the public.

Our company is certified in:

  • 10 hour OSHA Training
  • CPR and First Aid
  • PEC SafeLand USA BASIC Training 


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Why Choose Us?

T.H. Port-A-John, LLC is dedicated to providing quality service to all of our customers. We take pride in creating long lasting relationships with our clients.
Our staff here at T.H. Port-A-John, LLC is trained in proving safe, professional service to all of our clients. To prevent injury, we take extra measures to ensure your safety. Learn more… 
Our goal is to get to know all of our clients on a first-name basis. We take pride in our work, and our goal is to serve you.


 The First Baptist Church of Curwensville has been very pleased with the excellent service we have received from the T. H. Port-A-John Company. We have had one of their portajohn’s for a number of summers on our property for campers, etc. and it is cleaned and serviced in a timely manner. I can highly recommend their company. 
Pastor Daniel M. Osterhout – First Baptist Church
We really appreciate your fast & friendly service.  TH customer service is complete and we love your “Can Do” attitude!
Penny McDonald – McDonald Landscaping
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